Friday, December 31, 2010

नव वर्ष

नूतन वर्ष, नव वर्ष है आया,
इसने मन को हर्षाया,
पर मेरे अंत:करण को एक विचार ने भर्माया,
पेड़ कटे, धरती जले, नभ में भी हमने विष बरसाया,
किस बात बधाई दूं तुम्हे,
जब वर्षो-वर्ष हमने अपने घर को ही दिया दिखाया
अब दिल नही कुछ सुनता है,
ना दिमाग़ ही कुछ कहता है,
यह वर्ष पर्यावरण के लिए हो,
ऐसा मन कुछ-कुछ कहता है,
वृक्ष लगे, धरती फले, उर-आनंद समा जाए,
इस वर्ष में धरती उमंग से छा जाए,
गुछा गुछा डाली डाली हृदय में छा जाए,
इस वर्ष, मै और तुम,
धरती की गोद में चले आए,
आओ इस वर्ष को धरती के लिए कर जाए,
आओ नव वर्ष मनाए.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


इक खुबसूरत सी पतंग पर उड़ता हुआ मेरा दिल,
झूम जाना चाहता है डोर के मुकाबिल,
छु कर आकाश को फिर छोड़ दूँ डोर को,
फिर सोचता है,
लूट जाने के डर से,
छोड़ने को छोड़ने के विचार को,
फिर सोचता हूँ छोड़ूगा नहीं, तो पाउँगा क्या?
छोड़ूगा नहीं, तो उड़ पाउँगा क्या?
इस उन्मुक्त गगन को नाप भी क्या पाउँगा?,
बादलों के पार भी जा नहीं पाउँगा,
सोच के घोड़ो को दौड़ा नहीं पाउँगा,
फिर इक मुसाफिर होने के नाते,
छुट जाने और छोड़े जाने के भय से,
मुझे मुक्त होना ही होगा,
मुझे इस गगन में स्वयं को खोजना ही होगा,
आकाश हो या पताल, मुझे स्वयं को खोजना ही होगा,
कर्म मेरा ही होगा, और भविष्य मुझे ही जोड़ना होगा,
इस डोर के बंधन को अब तोडना ही होगा,
उन्मुक्त आकाश में अब उड़ना ही होगा.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Deeds of University Literate

Construction Side Effect

JNU University Translation

Who will use me? I am too far away from the road

see blue garbage bin located too far from road

Natural Bridge, Togetherness

Fruitfulness and Prosperity

Life over the sands of Death

Jungles because of Human Civilization

see tyre hanging on tree

Jungles because of Human Civilization

Friday, October 08, 2010

Musician Child

About the below story I can just say one thing, that it lets me remind of my mistakes that i made and never had a chance to rectify. Also, I sould let you know this is the story that is circulating on internet, so please if you find its originator, i would be happy to ask him about the permission to put on internet

This is a beautiful and touching story of love and perseverance. Well worth the read.

At the prodding of my friends I am writing this story. My name is Mildred Honor and I am a former elementary school music teacher from Des Moines , Iowa . I have always supplemented my income by teaching piano lessons - something I have done for over 30 years.

During those years I found that children have many levels of musical ability,and even though I have never had the pleasure of having a prodigy, I have taught some very talented students. However, I have also had my share of what I call 'musically challenged' pupils - one such pupil being Robby.. Robby was 11 years old when his mother (a single mom) dropped him off for his first piano lesson. I prefer that students (especially boys) begin at an earlier age, which I explained to Robby. But Robby said that it had always been his mother's dream to hear him play the piano, so I took him as a student.

Well, Robby began his piano lessons and from the beginning I thought it was a hopeless endeavour. As much as Robby tried, he lacked the sense of tone and basic rhythm needed to excel. But he dutifully reviewed his scales and some elementary piano pieces that I require all mystudents to learn. Over the months he tried and tried while I listened and cringed and tried to encourage him. At the end of each weekly lesson he would always say 'My mom's going to hear me play someday'. But to me, it seemed hopeless, he just did not have any inborn ability. I only knew his mother from a distance as she dropped Robby off or waited in her aged car to pick him up. She always waved and smiled, but never dropped in. Then one day Robby stopped coming for his lessons.. I thought about calling him, but assumed that because of his lack of ability he had decided to pursue something else. I was also glad that he had stopped coming - he was a bad avertisement for my teaching! Several weeks later I mailed a flyer recital to the students' homes.To my surprise, Robby (who had received a flyer) asked me if he could be in the recital. I told him that the recital was for current pupils and that because he had dropped out, he really did not qualify. He told me that his mother had been sick and unable to take him to his piano lessons, but that he had been practicing. 'Please Miss Honor, I've just got to play' he insisted. I don't know what led me to allow him to play in the recital - perhaps it was his insistence or maybe something inside of me saying that it would be all right. The night of the recital came and the high school gymnasium was packed with parents, relatives and friends. I put Robby last in the program, just before I was to come up and thank all the students and play a finishing piece. I thought that any damage he might do would come at the end of the program and I could always salvage his poor performance through my 'curtain closer'. Well, the recital went off without a hitch, the students had been practicing and it showed. Then Robby came up on the stage. His clothes were wrinkled and his hair looked as though he had run an egg beater through it. 'Why wasn't he dressed up like the other students?' I thought 'Why didn't his mother at least make him comb his hair for this special night?' Robby pulled out the piano bench, and I was surprised when he announced that he had chosen to play Mozart's Concerto No. 21 in C Major. I was not prepared for what I heard next. His fingers were light on the keys, they even dancednimbly on the ivories. He went from pianissimo to fortissimo, from allegro to virtuoso; his suspended chords that Mozart demands were magnificent! Never had I heard Mozart played so well by anyone his age. After six and a half minutes he ended in a grand crescendo, and everyone was on their feet in wild applause! Overcome and in tears, I ran up on stage and put my arms around Robby in joy. 'I have never heard you play like that Robby, how did you do it?' Through the microphone Robby explained: 'Well, Miss Honor .... remember I told you that my mom was sick? Well, she actually had cancer and passed away this morning. And well ..... she was born deaf, so tonight was the first time she had ever heard me play, and I wanted to make it special.' There wasn't a dry eye in the house that evening. As the people from Social Services led Robby from the stage to be placed in to foster care, I noticed that even their eyes were red and puffy. I thought to myself then how much richer my life had been for taking Robby as my pupil. No, I have never had a prodigy, but that night I became a prodigy ...... of Robby. He was the teacher and I was the pupil, for he had taught me the meaning of perseverance and love and believing in yourself, and may be even taking a chance on someone and you didn't know why. Robby was killed years later in the senseless bombing of the Alfred P Murray Federal Building in Oklahoma City in April, 1995. And now, a footnote to the story. If you are thinking about forwarding this message, you are probably wondering which people on your address list aren't the 'appropriate' ones to receive this type of message. The person who sent this to you believes that we can all make a difference! So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice-Do we act with compassion or do we pass up that opportunity and leave the world a bit colder in the process? You now have two choices:1. Delete this; OR 2. Forward it to the peopleyou care about.You know the choice I made. Thank you for reading this May God Bless you today, tomorrow and always. If God didn't have a purpose for us, we wouldn't be here!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

स्वर्ग की चाह

समय स्पर्श करता मुझमें संघर्ष भरता है,
पहाड़ो की चोटियाँ मुझे लालियित करती हैं,
नदियों की लम्बाई मुझमें उत्साह भरती है,
जो खड़े हैं पेड़ लम्बे, बुला रहे हैं आलिंगन करने को,
जो मोती है, समुन्द्र नीचे पड़ा, खींचता है स्पर्श करने को,
इतने खेल सारे हैं , यहाँ बिखरे पड़े हैं यूँ,
हे इंद्र फिर क्यूँ तू कहता है, चल मृत्युलोक से चल तू।

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

आम आदमी की आजादी

कोफ़्त होती है जब बनती है मूर्तियाँ, पहनाई जाती है- करोडो की मालाएं मेरी गाढ़ी कमाई से,
कोफ़्त होती है जब सुबह की बिना दूध वाली चाय बनती है वर्ल्ड बैंक के नमकीन ब्याज से,
दिल चरमरा सा जाता है जब सड़ जाता है अन्न सिर्फ इनकी बात से, और लुट जाती है जिंदगियां भूख के प्यार से ,
दिल थर्राने सा लगता है जब लूट लेता है "बजट " commonwealth - शिक्षा और स्वास्थ से ,
दिल चित्कारउठता है- जब देती है घुड़कियाँ सरकार Olympic के नाम से,
दिल में चुभ जाती हैं कीलें जब लालफीताशाही की रस्सियाँ खुलती हैं रिश्वत के चढ़ावे से,
दिल झल्ला उठता है की जानते हुए सब कुछ,
सह जाने की आजादी से,
तिलमिलाने की आजादी से,
छटपटाने की आजादी से,

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

मेरी अभिलाषा

मैंने पल-पल संग्राम किया है
शैतानियों को करने को
हर समय तलाश किया है
कुछ उद्यम (उधम) हो करने को
समय के कोनो - कोनो से झांक झांक कर
मैंने ढूंढा समय , समय बदलने को
चाहता हूँ की ढूंढ़लूँ कुछ और तरीकों को
फैला दूँ फर्श पर गोलियां समय के फिसलने को
या फिर कोई गढ़ा बना दूँ समय के उसमे गिरने को
बचपन की शैतानियाँ जो छिप गयी थी कही पर
उघाड़ दूँ उनको यहाँ दर्पणों के महल भीतर
चाहता हूँ कुछ और ऐसी शैतानियाँ करने को, परेशान हो शहर मेरा, देश और दुनियां हो परेशान
इस तरह तृप्ति मिलेगी और खुश होगा हृदय
जब देखूंगा मैं सूरज मुह चिढाऊंगा उसे
समय को बढ़ाने चला था खिंच लिया पीछे उसे
अभी तो दिल मैं गुदगुदी हुई है, अभी तो दिल बहका है जरा सा
और इक शैतानी बताओ जिसको करने मे मजा हो।

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Regarding adding Videography to Interview Processes, as an extention to RTI Act

Hello All,
I am a student and had always been shaked by people who had a great notion about their interview or performance happened for job/addmission to some course. And when they get their result, they are completely washed off from the process. I think, a video can be made for the interview process so that it can be transparent process and can be taken by the applicant under RTI Act. This will help applicant to get their valid right of job or addmission and also the feedback of his( her) performance.
I want your suggestion and help to make this thing happen.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reply to the RTI

Reply to the RTI

Circular of JNU regarding Selling of Tobacco Products

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

It is very clear from the above documents that no selling of Tobacco is allowed within the boundary walls of University and 100 yards distance radially calculated from the boundary of the University. And thereafter while knowing all this university has allowed Shop of Puran Chand that is very near to kids School to sell Tobacco Products along with other eatable items that make it an eatry. Also that the shop of Manoj Kumar can not be banned to sell any Tobacco Product while it is too near to the only Health Center of the University.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

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