Sunday, June 05, 2011

About Me

After writing this much of stuff I suppose I may be little sure to write about me. In one word I am enthusiast or may be activist or at-least these are the words which I would love to be qualify with. Sometimes I think I want to be very scary for many if not all in that sense, I love RTI, boring others with my futuristic plans, mathematics, old and new stories, wired ideas, little bit of philosophy (which I swear, I cannot read).

My aspirations to work:
 1) I want to spread good books in different (Indian) languages so that Indian people should get access to good knowledge resources in their own language
2) Learning different languages should get easier.
3) Technology should be creatively used in such a way that it help the less privileged people more
4) Things which are more
 Create some applications which can help us collecting data (do not let the user know about the effort that he is putting while collecting data for us). Once the data is collected we can use it for benefiting them / guide them to do better.
 making some application that helps some people and in the background they collect data for usapplications like land pointing, educational applications 

 Explore the existing and/or make technology in puzzle format so that it can be easy to use and adaptable to needs
 for example raspberry pi

Well if you like to appreciate my work and want that I should give more time to the kind of stuff you have read at my site(Please do not include the stories I have pasted here). You are most welcome to donate me whatever effort you think best suits me and to you too.

if you want to contact me.
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