Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lokpal Bill Episode

This episode takes expected turn, government in confusion, confusing others and people understand as if government intentionally confusing. They think the are elected people and coming from rigorous process of elections, the process they designed at few places and took from English men at many places, which is designed for ruling the people not helping people to grow, learn and live happier.
Whenever these politicians say that this is democracy, it seems as if they want to hid themselves in the wile of a lady. Governments at many times bring people into the Parliament, rejected by the electoral process and that is, in a situation when rules does not allow electors to reject all the candidates of an electoral process. Manmohan Sahab is itself an example of the same. All the ways, the Government officials and its well-wishers are employing to defame the processors, derail the lokpal bill process seems to be very coherent.
As an spectators of this whole film I feel little biased towards the so called civil society and I hope it could win if people take a strong step and keep strong vigil over the whole process and do not let a or few man supercede the cause.
But before watching the climax, I would like to expect other end too. So, if Government do not want to pass it on, she has very understandable way that she has started too of confusing people and de-aligning the thought process of crusaders of the civil society towards trivial matters.

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