Friday, July 08, 2011

Self Learning Platform at JNU

For the Below Subject your Suggestions and Comments are Invited

Self Learning Platform at JNU


To provide students a common platform where they can share and learn various things among themselves.


  1. JNU is multidisciplinary University, and by this reason we should promote students of different background to meet, interact and discuss about their surroundings and their learning (either from their studies or from their experiences).
  2. Our University allows students to take up courses from different streams, yet many of us don’t know why we should choose one and also which one to choose.
  3. And in many cases, even knowing does not help. The reason for this is that the prerequisites to learn that course are not there. For example a Master’s student cannot learn a language because he is not allowed to take up course for Bachelors’.
  4. At times this is also possible that a student has cracked the JNU entrance, yet he may not know certain basic course(s) that are building blocks of the course, he joined.

Other perceivable benefits of this Platform

  1. Increases confidence in students
  2. Helps students understand more about their qualities

Procedure to achieve the objective

  1. Students representatives would ask students to submit their courses well before the starting of the semester with following things-
    1. Objective of the course.
    2. Need of the course

i. As very basic knowledge in some particular field

ii. Prerequisite of some course running at University

    1. What topics the course will cover?
    2. Approval from concerned JNU faculty/supervisor about-

i. Course is good enough to invest the University resources

ii. Student is good enough to teach the course

  1. All these courses will be listed on JNU website’s student’s section
  2. Website will also help students in enrolling any of the course
  3. Each class may include attendance of the students, which may be used to decide if the resources are properly utilized or not.
  4. Convenor of the course would have to take the responsibility of the infrastructure granted for the class

What infrastructure may be needed?


Projector + Desktop

Board + (Marker / Chalk)

Additional requirement:

Equipments necessary for the workshop, if any.

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