Tuesday, August 23, 2011

अन्ना के हुजूम के लिए

देश में देखकर हुंकार,
स्वच्छन्द हो गया मैं कर पुकार,
उठते विकारो से द्वंद हो गया,
उस विशाल जनसमूह को देखकर,
करबद्ध हो मैं स्तब्ध रह गया,
ज्यों कृष्ण कोई विराट रूप में,
चाटने वो सब दिशाएं, फैल गया,
इस विशिष्‍ट सोच को सोच कर,
दिल और द्रवित हो गया,
लगता है ज्यों भगवान से साक्षात्कार हो गया,
दिव्य सी दृष्टी हुई,
और तृप्ति भी मिली,
कैसे करू धन्यवाद मनमोहन ऐंड कंपनी को,
जो मुझे दिव्य दर्शन हो गया|

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weakness-Corruption vs Strength-Happiness

Deciding to take a week long break is an hard stuff for me and for that matter for everyone, i suppose. But can we do it? I know that the cost to what we will achieve after that, is small, still I fear, fear to take such a long break from my work. Ha ... my work, I know, what I am fearing about is something, where I haven't really worked. And to get achievement from it, now I feel fear. Fear that I feel I should get something I do not deserve. So this is real corruption. And now perhaps I can understand how a person feel when one come to know that something, he never liked creeped into oneself. It was an usual strength of mine that I never took what i didn't deserve and now i am feeling a weakness creeping over me. Oh! me myself help me to over come this weakness.

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