Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weakness-Corruption vs Strength-Happiness

Deciding to take a week long break is an hard stuff for me and for that matter for everyone, i suppose. But can we do it? I know that the cost to what we will achieve after that, is small, still I fear, fear to take such a long break from my work. Ha ... my work, I know, what I am fearing about is something, where I haven't really worked. And to get achievement from it, now I feel fear. Fear that I feel I should get something I do not deserve. So this is real corruption. And now perhaps I can understand how a person feel when one come to know that something, he never liked creeped into oneself. It was an usual strength of mine that I never took what i didn't deserve and now i am feeling a weakness creeping over me. Oh! me myself help me to over come this weakness.

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