Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do you want to Learn for fun?

do you want to learn something? something out of curriculum

I am Kapil, I am doing research in computers

many times i think, it would have been far better if i could have friends beyond my academic domain. other times i have so many of questions to know about or just want that if some one could help me doing this and that... like pasting "about me" on trees, knowing my cycle completely making automata toy or may be knowing about human civilization specially through lingustics. now what do you think about learning out of the curriculum without grades/certificates/degrees. i mean dont you feel like learning just for fun, infact completely for fun.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lessons learnt from China Visit for ELM 2011

Preparation before the conference

  • Prepare well for your presentation.
  • Note the name of professors coming there and their fields of work
  • Read and discuss papers of professors you want to impress or the field you are interested in.
  • Read papers’ of keynote speakers especially there core papers which may have the foundation theory.

Rules to attend a conference

  • Present your paper properly.
  • Try to understand other’s ideas about the things and ask for the basic paper they are following.
  • Make your attitude to socialize there and make friends and have fun and finally collect contact details.

What to do after the conference?

  • Socialize with friends you made there.
  • Do ask questions to the professors and other people about their paper and other usual stuff that might have impressed you. This can be done through mails.

Most important thing is to enjoy the time wherever you are.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Diwali

Let me wish you a Happy Diwali,
The queues of Deepaks and rays of light
light to heart and prosper to everyone.
Prosper not only to you, not only to me,
let me wish that it prospers to our neighbors and their neighbors too
let me wish a very Happy Diwali...
just want to wish that it locks us with each other and we prosper together
let me describe the prosperity, the prosperity that can give smile to each face
and help others too to smile and laugh at all the odds of the life
let me help myself in wishing that ...
we pass smiles to each other and first stage of prosperity is achieved by this diwali
Again a very very Happy Diwali to all of you who are in a set or its complement :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

अन्ना के हुजूम के लिए

देश में देखकर हुंकार,
स्वच्छन्द हो गया मैं कर पुकार,
उठते विकारो से द्वंद हो गया,
उस विशाल जनसमूह को देखकर,
करबद्ध हो मैं स्तब्ध रह गया,
ज्यों कृष्ण कोई विराट रूप में,
चाटने वो सब दिशाएं, फैल गया,
इस विशिष्‍ट सोच को सोच कर,
दिल और द्रवित हो गया,
लगता है ज्यों भगवान से साक्षात्कार हो गया,
दिव्य सी दृष्टी हुई,
और तृप्ति भी मिली,
कैसे करू धन्यवाद मनमोहन ऐंड कंपनी को,
जो मुझे दिव्य दर्शन हो गया|

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weakness-Corruption vs Strength-Happiness

Deciding to take a week long break is an hard stuff for me and for that matter for everyone, i suppose. But can we do it? I know that the cost to what we will achieve after that, is small, still I fear, fear to take such a long break from my work. Ha ... my work, I know, what I am fearing about is something, where I haven't really worked. And to get achievement from it, now I feel fear. Fear that I feel I should get something I do not deserve. So this is real corruption. And now perhaps I can understand how a person feel when one come to know that something, he never liked creeped into oneself. It was an usual strength of mine that I never took what i didn't deserve and now i am feeling a weakness creeping over me. Oh! me myself help me to over come this weakness.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Self Learning Platform at JNU

For the Below Subject your Suggestions and Comments are Invited

Self Learning Platform at JNU


To provide students a common platform where they can share and learn various things among themselves.


  1. JNU is multidisciplinary University, and by this reason we should promote students of different background to meet, interact and discuss about their surroundings and their learning (either from their studies or from their experiences).
  2. Our University allows students to take up courses from different streams, yet many of us don’t know why we should choose one and also which one to choose.
  3. And in many cases, even knowing does not help. The reason for this is that the prerequisites to learn that course are not there. For example a Master’s student cannot learn a language because he is not allowed to take up course for Bachelors’.
  4. At times this is also possible that a student has cracked the JNU entrance, yet he may not know certain basic course(s) that are building blocks of the course, he joined.

Other perceivable benefits of this Platform

  1. Increases confidence in students
  2. Helps students understand more about their qualities

Procedure to achieve the objective

  1. Students representatives would ask students to submit their courses well before the starting of the semester with following things-
    1. Objective of the course.
    2. Need of the course

i. As very basic knowledge in some particular field

ii. Prerequisite of some course running at University

    1. What topics the course will cover?
    2. Approval from concerned JNU faculty/supervisor about-

i. Course is good enough to invest the University resources

ii. Student is good enough to teach the course

  1. All these courses will be listed on JNU website’s student’s section
  2. Website will also help students in enrolling any of the course
  3. Each class may include attendance of the students, which may be used to decide if the resources are properly utilized or not.
  4. Convenor of the course would have to take the responsibility of the infrastructure granted for the class

What infrastructure may be needed?


Projector + Desktop

Board + (Marker / Chalk)

Additional requirement:

Equipments necessary for the workshop, if any.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Account of Meeting with First Appealate Authority for "Bathroom Renovation RTI"

In continuation with RTI on Bathroom Renovation
There were atleast six people with me to talk including FAA(First Appealate Authority-Registrar- Sandeep Chatterji), PIO(Jit Singh), Someone from IHA etc. Majorly the complete talk was lead by FAA. These are the lines, I remember-
me: Excuse me, Sir can I ask my friend to come in
FAA: no, only Kapil can come, who are you?
me: I am kapil. can i take a min to tell my friend to go?
FAA: ok
After coming back to the meeting...
FAA: Which center?
me: computer science.
FAA: doing BTech?
me: no masters, Mtech.
FAA: you live in periyar
me: ya
PIO: 149
FAA: Yes, Kapil do you get all the replies?
me: May be, but i am not able to understand.
FAA: let us both help each other to understand the matter
FAA: lets start your questions one by one where is your RTI.
FAA: your first question "Please give the list of parameters and(or) reasons bathrooms were found to be in need of renovation."
FAA: were bathrooms were all right? what were the reasons, Kapil?
me: my reply does not matter, i want your reply, I mean JNU's reply
FAA: Have you got reply from IHA?
me: I think I have, please let me see.. No, I dont have this.
FAA: but you wrote that you don't need it, earlier, didn't you?
me: ya, i write. but this tells that- "because of students' repersentations you started", which cannot be the right reason
JNU cannot do it just because of studnts' repersentation
FAA: But, for me it means that you don't need this answer
(Teaching me..that you should never say no to anything coming without cost ... bla bla to show me that i am in fix now)
me: ok lets come to other questions.
[few questions are answered by CPWD so i repeatedly asked to skip that]
me: there are some funny replies see questions 9, 10
Q9. List all parameter, for which official checked the state of bathrooms and found them ready to use
Answer by CPWD: All necessary parameters were checked during execution of work for renovation of bathrooms.
FAA: they have answered correctly, you asked parameters they have said all parameters, if you want detailed you must have given some examples
me: can you transfer my first appeal to CPWD?
FAA: no this cannot be done.
me: Q10 Does some quality standards were maintained in renovation of bathrooms? if so please tell.
Answer by CPWD: Yes, all quality standards were maintained in renovation of bathrooms.
FAA: this is also perfectly correct, you must have asked what standard you are talking about if you want more. They have given you exactly what you asked they are not interested in giving you more information. for detailed information you must directly ask CPWD with proper questions, you must specify what you need.like BEA standard or what?
me: since the time may have passed to apply first appeal at CPWD can you give me any letter or any way to proceed with CPWD?
PIO: we can give a letter. right sir? (asking FAA)
FAA: no, we cannot. you may file fresh RTI with CPWD refering this RTI.

Friday, June 17, 2011

यह पहली जीत ही है

आग बरसी-पानी बरसा और आँधी तूफान आया,
बाबा तेरी तपस्या मे ये विघ्न मनमोहन नाम इंद्र लाया,
बाबा यह तो प्रथम चरण है,
तपस्या का तो प्रथम वरण है,
अभी तो कई चरण बचे है,
कई सोपान गढ्ने बचे है,
अगला चरण और दुष्कर होगा,
सोनिया सी अपसराए होंगी,
मदिरा का घाट लाती होंगी,
तुझको विचलित होना ना होगा,
हमारे लिए चलना होगा,
तुम सोपान के लिए चलोगे,
हम जो हो सकेगा सो करेंगे,
विश्वास हो तो आगे बढ़ना,
एक दिन जनता भी उठेगी,
लपटो मे राहुल को खींच लेगी,
जो के जीवन को ना पूछे,
वह यहाँ का पुत्र-पुत्री कैसे?
बाबा तुम फिर फिर आगे बढ़ना,
ये इंद्र कभी तो रुकेगा,
एक दिन शक्ति क्षीण होगी,
सत्ता का मद चूर होगा,
और वो चरण की धूल होगा,
के जब सब धू-धू कर जलेगा,
कभी तो पावन दिन पसरेगा,
बाबा तुम विश्वास रखना ,
ये तपस्या पूर्ण होगी,
भ्रष्टाचार का दानव भी मरेगा,
इंद्र भी सुख चैन देगा,
बाबा तुम ना अटकना, बाबा तुम ना भटकना.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


भ्रष्टाचार जीवन में रच गया है,
कोई क्षत्रिय नही, कोई देव नही,
जो धरा पर बच गया है,
सब की उसके दूत बने है और बाकी बुत बने है,
रो रही है धरा प्यारी, चीत्कार करती बन वो नारी,
सिब्बल - राहुल से सरीखे लूट रहे है आँख मीचे,
भ्रष्टाचार प्रबल हो रहा है, मनमोहन मोहरा बन गया है,
सोनिया ने प्रश्रय दिया है, लगता है ज्यों गोद लिया है,
या ये जो भूल होतो, बाहर निकलो, बाहर झाँको,
देखो देश रो रहा है, देसजन संतोष खो रहा है,
आज जनता प्यारी समझी, साठ सालो में क्या खोया,
सांप्रदायिकता थी दिखावा और लूटने का था मेला,
और जो हम तुम थे अकेले, लूटते थे सब मज़े से,
आज जो हम एकजुट हो तो, तोड़ देंगे किले सारे,
भ्रष्टाचार का नकाब उतारे, राहुल-दिग्विजय का स्वांग उतारे,
आज जब एहसास हुआ है, यह तो तुझमें भी छिपा है,
कोई हाय कैसे बचाए, लिपटे सर्पो को कैसे हटाए,
अब गरुड से आस कैसी, पर शांति से बात कैसी,
अब तो तुझे ही उठना होगा, अपना दुर्ग व्यवस्थित करना होगा,
लेने होंगे तलवार भाले, चलना होगा प्राण लेकर,
आज और कोई ना होगा, तू और तेरा पुरुषार्थ होगा,
अब तुझे ही चलना होगा, अपना घर स्वयं व्यवस्थित करना होगा,

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Looking for Library or the enthusiastic readers

I have few very old books and since they are now out of curriculum, I don't think students would love to take them yet they are by good writers. I would appreciate your help in finding right place for them where I could donate them. List of the books could be found here

Sunday, June 05, 2011

About Me

After writing this much of stuff I suppose I may be little sure to write about me. In one word I am enthusiast or may be activist or at-least these are the words which I would love to be qualify with. Sometimes I think I want to be very scary for many if not all in that sense, I love RTI, boring others with my futuristic plans, mathematics, old and new stories, wired ideas, little bit of philosophy (which I swear, I cannot read).

My aspirations to work:
 1) I want to spread good books in different (Indian) languages so that Indian people should get access to good knowledge resources in their own language
2) Learning different languages should get easier.
3) Technology should be creatively used in such a way that it help the less privileged people more
4) Things which are more
 Create some applications which can help us collecting data (do not let the user know about the effort that he is putting while collecting data for us). Once the data is collected we can use it for benefiting them / guide them to do better.
 making some application that helps some people and in the background they collect data for usapplications like land pointing, educational applications 

 Explore the existing and/or make technology in puzzle format so that it can be easy to use and adaptable to needs
 for example raspberry pi

Well if you like to appreciate my work and want that I should give more time to the kind of stuff you have read at my site(Please do not include the stories I have pasted here). You are most welcome to donate me whatever effort you think best suits me and to you too.

if you want to contact me.
Please add [Email-Stories] in the subject:
email-id : navkapil@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lokpal Bill Episode

This episode takes expected turn, government in confusion, confusing others and people understand as if government intentionally confusing. They think the are elected people and coming from rigorous process of elections, the process they designed at few places and took from English men at many places, which is designed for ruling the people not helping people to grow, learn and live happier.
Whenever these politicians say that this is democracy, it seems as if they want to hid themselves in the wile of a lady. Governments at many times bring people into the Parliament, rejected by the electoral process and that is, in a situation when rules does not allow electors to reject all the candidates of an electoral process. Manmohan Sahab is itself an example of the same. All the ways, the Government officials and its well-wishers are employing to defame the processors, derail the lokpal bill process seems to be very coherent.
As an spectators of this whole film I feel little biased towards the so called civil society and I hope it could win if people take a strong step and keep strong vigil over the whole process and do not let a or few man supercede the cause.
But before watching the climax, I would like to expect other end too. So, if Government do not want to pass it on, she has very understandable way that she has started too of confusing people and de-aligning the thought process of crusaders of the civil society towards trivial matters.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Self Designed First Puzzle

you have heard of a problem that what minimum number of weights and of what measure you may need if you are asked to measure from 1 to 355Kg each in single weighing.

Note that you can not have more than one weight of a particular measure as if you use then there would be more than one ways to measure certain weights. Thus, it may be regarded as Hint: to measure a particular weight you must have a particular combination of weights.

For the above puzzle the answer is 1,3,9,27,....(log(355)/log(3))Kg.

Now let us apply the same problem to different kind of Libra, are you ready to solve this problem into little different libra

send comments to me, if you have any answers

The feeling to see the change

The feeling to see the change,
the feeling to see the people who bring the change,
the feeling to be with such people,
are all beautiful,
but the feeling to be the part of change,
is most satisfying.
While going through recent news stories, the frustration of big-wigs is now stripped out. From PM to CM all are in worry-
"How to deter, stop or at-least weaken the uprising involvement of mass for the CHANGE?"
If it would happened to me alone, I would have laughed and would say-
"Jab Log tumhe Gali de to samajh lo ki tum tarakki par ho"
"Abusers are Losers"
But this time situation is not that, we have full-fledged family of nearly 1.2 hundred crore people and each one of us needed to care our Land in one way or another. Foul are the intentions of our rulers. Their frustration suggests that they think their position is their birth right and cannot be absolved by mere Satyagrahas. So we bear more responsibilities. This time we should be cautious as media is something very good and very bad too. It spreads message in no time. And we are addicted in spreading rumor. Just as suggestion I would say-
  • Do read Lokpal Bill suggested by both the parties-
    • Anna
    • UPA
  • Talk about them in your circle
  • Discuss with new people, new to this bill
  • Remember that man "Anna Sahib" cannot be greater than cause, by this I am not trying to belittle him, but my major concern is -if anything goes wrong we should not deter.
  • Wake up and try waking up others.
Jai Hind

Saturday, April 02, 2011

RTI for Smoking in Public Places


The Public Information Officer, Dated: 4/4/2011

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

From: Total Pages: 1

Kapil, #149, Periyar Hostel,

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

Subject: Please answer following queries under RTI Act-2005.


In regard to the guidelines on “Smoking near eateries and other shops” by UGC and their implementation, please pacify my following queries.

Q1. What are the guidelines by UGC on “Smoking near eateries and other shops”?

Q2. If there is any guideline of placing “No Smoking” boards at such shops?

Q3. If answer of Q2 is yes, which all shops (and do not) have such boards?

Q4. What fine is imposed on those shopkeepers who do not have such boards?

Q5. What are the guidelines for Smoking in public places? Also, tell the definition of public places in the context.

Q6. What fine is imposed on the Smokers’ smoking in public places?

Q7. Provide the list of officials who can be contacted to complain about “Smoking in Public Places”. Also provide the contact information (including phone numbers).

Q8. What steps were taken to inform University people of these officials (stated in Q7) and their contact information? Provide the details along with dates.

Q9. How should one can complain about “Smoking in Public Places” while keeping the fact in mind that cigarette can finish in 1-2 minutes?

I am enclosing receipt number dated of Rs. as RTI fees.

RTI on Bathroom Renovation


The Public Information Officer,

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

Dated: 4/4/2011

From: Total Pages: 1

Kapil, #149, Periyar Hostel,

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

Subject: Please answer following queries under RTI Act-2005.


In regard to renovation of bathrooms at Periyar, I would like know following details.

  1. Please give the list of parameters and (or) reasons bathrooms were found to be in need of renovation.
  2. When did tender notice for the purpose of bathroom renovation were invited?
  3. What were the minimum conditions to apply for the tender stated in Point 2?
  4. How many tenders were received?
  5. Give the copy of 5 (or all which ever is less) tenders including tender passed for renovation of Periyar bathrooms.
  6. In the renovation of Periyar bathrooms, it took near about 6 months. Let me know if it is correct.
  7. How much time it will take to renovate all the bathrooms of Periyar?
  8. For the bathrooms which are renovated as of now, which official inspected to check the status of completely renovated bathroom?
  9. List all parameters, for which the official checked the state of bathrooms and found them ready to use
  10. Does some quality standards maintained in renovation of bathrooms? If so, please tell.
  11. Please tell the expected difference after renovation of bathrooms.
  12. Also, let us know how much budget is allocated for each bathroom?
  13. Also, tell what action has been taken on letter dated 11-Mar-2011 (copy of which) attached herein.

I am enclosing receipt number 144451 dated4/4/11 of Rs. 10.00 as RTI fees.

The letter attached with the RTI is below

Funny Reply by JNU

Reply by CPWD:

Tender Copy

First Appeal on 3/06/2011


First Appellate Authority,

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi – 110067

Total No. of Pages:

Date: 03/06/2011



149, Periyar Hostel

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi – 110067

Subject: Appeal Regarding unsatisfactory reply of RTI on Bathroom Renovation of Periyar Hostel dated 4/4/2011.


With reference to my RTI on Renovation of Bathrooms at Periyar dated 4/4/2011 and its reply from PIO letter No. JNU/RTI/PIO/2192/2011/2216 dated 20/04/2011 and reply from CPWD by letter No. 14(2) D.K. Pri. - 12/E-1/1178 dated 26/05/2011, I have following grievances.

  1. The reply to Question Serial No. 1, 8, 9, 10, 13 of the RTI are completely unsatisfactory.
  2. In Question No 5 of the RTI , only one tender's copy is given to me, while I have asked for all three.
  3. In reply to question no 12 it is not clear if the budget is for just one bathroom or for all bathrooms. Please get the clarification.

Please take appropriate action to get my questions answered.




  1. Copy of RTI (No. of pages : )
  2. Copy of receipt of Rs. 10.00(No. of pages : )
  3. Copy of letters from PIO, JNU (No. of pages : )
  4. Copy of letters from PIO, CPWD(No. of pages : )

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