Thursday, April 14, 2011

The feeling to see the change

The feeling to see the change,
the feeling to see the people who bring the change,
the feeling to be with such people,
are all beautiful,
but the feeling to be the part of change,
is most satisfying.
While going through recent news stories, the frustration of big-wigs is now stripped out. From PM to CM all are in worry-
"How to deter, stop or at-least weaken the uprising involvement of mass for the CHANGE?"
If it would happened to me alone, I would have laughed and would say-
"Jab Log tumhe Gali de to samajh lo ki tum tarakki par ho"
"Abusers are Losers"
But this time situation is not that, we have full-fledged family of nearly 1.2 hundred crore people and each one of us needed to care our Land in one way or another. Foul are the intentions of our rulers. Their frustration suggests that they think their position is their birth right and cannot be absolved by mere Satyagrahas. So we bear more responsibilities. This time we should be cautious as media is something very good and very bad too. It spreads message in no time. And we are addicted in spreading rumor. Just as suggestion I would say-
  • Do read Lokpal Bill suggested by both the parties-
    • Anna
    • UPA
  • Talk about them in your circle
  • Discuss with new people, new to this bill
  • Remember that man "Anna Sahib" cannot be greater than cause, by this I am not trying to belittle him, but my major concern is -if anything goes wrong we should not deter.
  • Wake up and try waking up others.
Jai Hind

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