Saturday, April 02, 2011

RTI for Smoking in Public Places


The Public Information Officer, Dated: 4/4/2011

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

From: Total Pages: 1

Kapil, #149, Periyar Hostel,

Jawaharlal Nehru University,

New Delhi-67

Subject: Please answer following queries under RTI Act-2005.


In regard to the guidelines on “Smoking near eateries and other shops” by UGC and their implementation, please pacify my following queries.

Q1. What are the guidelines by UGC on “Smoking near eateries and other shops”?

Q2. If there is any guideline of placing “No Smoking” boards at such shops?

Q3. If answer of Q2 is yes, which all shops (and do not) have such boards?

Q4. What fine is imposed on those shopkeepers who do not have such boards?

Q5. What are the guidelines for Smoking in public places? Also, tell the definition of public places in the context.

Q6. What fine is imposed on the Smokers’ smoking in public places?

Q7. Provide the list of officials who can be contacted to complain about “Smoking in Public Places”. Also provide the contact information (including phone numbers).

Q8. What steps were taken to inform University people of these officials (stated in Q7) and their contact information? Provide the details along with dates.

Q9. How should one can complain about “Smoking in Public Places” while keeping the fact in mind that cigarette can finish in 1-2 minutes?

I am enclosing receipt number dated of Rs. as RTI fees.

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