Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Rewinding my time, when I was at Job, an IT Job

Does everything has a price, Price in terms of coins - notes. How much a smile cost?
This may cost little high as it may need your time. Time to smile, time to watch and appreciate the beauty of the it. But it starts a sequence of time required to appreciate it again and again in different ways to actually fall in love with them. love with that girl, her innocence, her desire to roam in there and out, her unknowings of vast possibilities of expansion of universe and your desires does not stop her from smiling or passing smile to you. Lets move out of office, lets watch a boy or a girl sitting on the footpath, trying to play with his/her toys. You will find none
The forwarded mails has done this thing little simpler they help you putting a photograph of a little girl smiling and hugging a 'memna'. But what it does? photos will not smile in return of your appreciation of smile. The girl will not have any feeling for your smile. And hence no more sequences and hence no more time needed. All this love and the sequences are not part of you and your life. We are mere robots working haphazardly for sake of the work. Little hands of clock goes on and on around the same neck and then with it whole its life.

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