Friday, October 14, 2005

A Day with Friend's Family

Yesterday, it's my holiday and I went to Chandan's room. His father, mother, sister and brother was there. I reached there the day before yesterday. Now I had 2 nights and a complete day with all of them except Chandan. The first night went without too much of incidences. And now the next day, I was there. In the morning I went to Vivek's room as my luggage was there and I'm to get ready. Vivek's elder brother asked me to have food with them and I thought I'll take little and then go to Chandan's room. Well when I reached after 4 hrs (Chandan's) his brother asked me for food and I said him yes. I thought he has not taken food and I can take with him. But after food served to me it come to my knowledge that he has had. Well I took. After this episode my hunger goes too far to catch it anyway. But since they are from Bihar and I'm from Rajasthan. Uncle asked me about various dishes of Rajasthan. First I told simply, after that uncle came in mood and asked aunt to make Bihari dishes and give me to taste. "unka piyar mujh per baras pada" (the whole affection of them is poured onto me as if they are determined to make me healthy in a day.). And then I was understood by them as if I like to have "Sattu". Really I think in this tough time Gunjan must be with me.

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