Thursday, October 06, 2005

First Kitchen Experience

The day before yesterday, my roommate(Gunjan) went for fast and this is the time for me to try. I asked Gunjan to help me out and then I went on with chopping potatoes for bhujia and kneaded the flour to make dough for chapatis. Now most awaited time come that is to make chapatis and to make subji. Now I called Gunjan, but he slept. Now what to do? I said my self do not drop arms and go ahead. Well bravely I started. Now one more coincidence come together that is Amit Chauhan and Ranjit Rajak. As they saw me cooking food there hunger arose. Now the dinner which is going to be appropriate for one person had to be shared by three.
now I leave onto you for the circuminstances to pray for the prey of GOD.

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Deven said...

Kapil, who'll share your cooking experiences better than me...bcos I was having the same instructor sometime you're having now.

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