Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Meet to a Landlord

Bhudhapa mein akalapan kya kya na karwaye
When I went to Chandan's room for taking my luggage after office...
I reached to Chandan's room after walking an hour for flat in sector 14, Gurgoan. I was too much tired and felt sleepy. Since I reached there when there were nobody ie. Neither Chandan nor his roommate(Suraj). I rang the bell of there floor but no response. Then I asked to the landlord to open the gate for me...
Me : uncle open the gate.
Landlord : (said) nobody there.
Me (assuming that landlord is asking that is there nobody) : yes there is nobody plz open the door.
(after opening the door)
Landlord : who u are?
Me : friend of Chandan, I mean brother(cousin).
Landlord(angering) : usually I don't allow such entrances.
Me : uncle I'm to take my luggage only.
Landlord(annoyingly) : okay get your luggage and then go.
Landlord : what about the keys?
Landlord : do you have?
Me : yes, I've.
Landlord : (mumbling) how he can give his keys..Very irresponsible...
I went upstairs and took the luggage and get down.
Me : uncle I'm going. So close the gate.
Landlord :how will you return the keys.
Me ("Hadbadate hue"): now I'm going to his office and there I hand over the key.
Landlord : hey come here, I've allowed you as if you have asked to just to take luggage otherwise do you think I should allow. What you would do at your home in such condition, do you allow? Tell me... Tell me.
Me (thinking "kya chat ta hai") : No, uncle but I've to take my luggage, I'm going.
Landlord : I have seen you earlier that's why I have allowed you.
Me (when he will leave me): Thank you uncle.
Landlord : come here you would be having his mobile no. Call him now.
Me (okay I will not let him talk to Chandan or anyone else, Suraj): uncle his mobile is there in the room, I have just seen.
Landlord : okay then try his land-line.
Me : this is the card, you can try.
after trying ....
Landlord : its not working out.
Me : oh! Uncle I forgot to tell you that his workplace has been changed.
Landlord :okay then give him keys and tell him to talk to me.
Me : okay uncle.
rushed out of that house as soon as possible....
...And went into Ashish-Vivek's room.

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Abhishek said...

It is a excellent story. Either u have gone through this very severely or have great writing skills.

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