Monday, September 30, 2013

My expectations from PM candidates

It is great a pleasure to me that I got an opportunity to meet some of AAP volunteers (thanks to Amit Khaiwal Sir, an AAP volunteer) during door to door campaigning for 3-4 hours. Now I think I can talk about what my expectations from a PM candidate. Before going into that I want you to feel what sort of volunteers I met. These volunteers are campaigning for nothing (as it apparently seems). One of them is Amit Sir, a software professional, left industry, picked up freelancing, earned a degree in law, now works for AAP and he do it dedicatedly whenever he thinks that he has earned enough to live for certain months without working.
Another volunteer is working with Rockwell automation with almost 10 years of experience, didn't ask his name but he is keralite. And in the sweating heat he is arguing Hindi belt people to vote for AAP in his own way. One lady was manager at Max Life Insurance turned housewife and defending AAP candidate which she hardly knows. Another lady was social activist cum housewife was very much clear that she is there to remove corruption, which is making day to day home’s budget out of proportion. Also, I want you to notice that none of these is a candidate for any of the seat in coming elections.
What I learnt from these volunteers is that they are not doing campaigning for nothing in fact they are paying their share of price to get good nation. I was getting a feeling that just voting to one of the candidate is not a right price I pay to afford all luxuries of good governance. Forget about Arvind Kejriwal, he is merely a man and cannot afford to be the bearer of the change he portrays. Even he may not be able to afford to fight alone for long. I also get to understand that what price I may have to pay if any AAP person becomes the leader. He will expect me to understand a bill that’s going to be passed. He may expect me to leave the luxury and donate some amount of time and effort to the fellow citizens to discuss and debate over policies in making and forming them.
Given the size of the nation like 26 crore families, we require around 10 lakh volunteers (each volunteer handling 260 families) working for awareness about the policies and bills getting passed or passed by the elected leaders so that the whole nation moves coherently. This price has to be borne by volunteers, this price is actually is borne by these volunteers in this case. I respect them for their effort and passion which is not asking for any remuneration. But this will not continue to happen, if any kind of remuneration is not provided. Our public system has to be strong so that these volunteers can rely on public amenities for their day to day needs. 
Coming back to the point on "My expectations from PM candidates" I don't wish to speculate over PM candidate whomsoever it may be but I wish that PM candidates should be transparent in the price I may have to pay. Vote is not the actual price. When you have large country like India, one obvious price is time and effort required to have clarity in each mind about whatever direction nation choose to move.
I think that its prime time when we should understand that no one has magic wand which can heal all the wounds of the nation. If my memory is not failing me, one of the great reasons of why NDA could not see the 2nd term is because of onion price which could be a laughable reason while keeping in the mind what kind of government we had prior to NDA regime.
It can be logically seen that if one don’t know the price that one has to pay for taking a certain decision, the decision could be grossly flawed. So the first thing the voter needs to be aware of is the price that they have to pay to electing one party over others. 
Looking past records of parties one can take a good idea what price we may have to pay. Even then I have an opinion that with current situation even a great astrologer may find it difficult to predict the price we will be paying if UPA will be there in the next term. And sometime not knowing the price could be the heaviest price one can pay. A good old saying is “An intelligent enemy is far better than a fool friend”. So take your good time to choose your vote and also be ready to pay the price for whatever decision the nation will take for next 5 years. Take last minute updates from Supreme Court and Election Commission, to know what all options you have to cast your choice above that, I am again emphasizing be ready to pay the price.

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